Scenes From a Record-Setting Winter Storm

A coast-to-coast winter storm delivered snow and ice across the country, from Seattle to San Antonio, and brought frigid temperatures and rolling blackouts to regions unaccustomed to severe winter weather.

At least 150 million Americans were under winter weather or ice advisories, according to the National Weather Service.

The Southwest Power Pool, which manages the electric grid in at least a portion of 14 states, ordered member electric utilities to start controlled rolling cutoffs of electric service because the demand for power in the region, driven up by the bitter cold, was overwhelming the system.

“This is an unprecedented event and marks the first time S.P.P. has ever had to call for controlled interruptions of service,” Lanny Nickell, the power pool’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

Bitter temperatures were expected to persist from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians through Tuesday, with readings 25 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit below normal for this time of year, the National Weather Service said.

Shoveling snow in Dallas.

A snow-covered road in Austin, Texas. The city was shut down because of the storm.

A residential street in Austin.

Snow and ice slowed traffic on Interstate 40 in Nashville.

Commuters in Waco, Texas, trying to dislodge their cars from the snow.

A woman walking her dog at Smale Riverfront Park in Cincinnati.

A boy feeding pigs during the storm in St. Joe, Ark.

A snowball fight in Ridgeland, Miss.

People working to free a stuck vehicle in Oklahoma City.

Craig Crow walked through the snow with his daughters in San Antonio.

A vehicle towed an improvised sled through the campus at the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Given asked for money at an intersection in Oklahoma City. Mr. Given said he is a restaurant worker who was laid off during the coronavirus pandemic.

Snow covered city streets in Tulsa, Okla.

A stop sign encased in a shell of ice in north Tulsa.

Sea creatures awaited warmer weather in Chicago.

Sleet and snow shut down roads in Dallas.

A sign gave a wintry warning in Dallas.

Harrison Walsh skied near Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Visitors at a popular restaurant near Pike Place Market.

A Covid-19 testing site was open in Seattle.

A jogger navigated a snowy street in Seattle.

Cars driving in the snow along Interstate 705 in Tacoma, Wash.

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